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I spend many an hour on Instagram, usually oohing and ahhing over cute puppies, lush landscapes, drool-worthy dishes or divine interior design, standard right? That’s what it’s for?

I’ve been following Marte Marie Forsberg for quite sometime now and have always admired her posts. Not just her photography, the words she writes too. Her photos are beautiful, simple, yet seem to speak a thousand words. Her words transport you and make you want to be right there with her.

As a food stylist that wants to continue to learn and improve, I was delighted when I found out that Marie was running a food photography and styling workshop right across the water. And, when I found out friend and fellow blogger Rincy was going too, well, I was extra excited and we decided to make a long weekend of it!

I am not a photographer, in fact before the workshop I had never picked up an SLR in my life. As I was attending the workshop from a food stylist’s point of view I didn’t think I’d need one, but after emailing the workshops producer, the very talented Zoe Timmers, she recommended I bring one along so I could take part in the tasks throughout the day. I’m so glad I did (thank you Lily, you know why).

From start to finish the workshop was charming and delightful. Set in the beautiful town of Shaftesbury, Dorset, Marie’s chocolate-box cute thatched cottage played host to the first part of the day. We were welcomed with hot chocolate and pastries as we sat around a candlelit table decorated with fresh flowers and vines, perfect.

The group was small, intimate and full of people from all walks of life, from different countries, with differing interests and levels of experience. Phew, a relief, we were all there for our own individual reasons and I wasn’t the only one that had never used an SLR before. Marie spoke about how she started as a food and lifestyle photographer and her journey thus far, inspiring in itself. She also spoke about visual storytelling which really made sense to me. I have always thought about the importance of making sure a photo makes sense, that people can easily tell what the dish is and that they either want to eat the food or make the food.

The remainder of the day was spent between the ancient stone walls of a 13th century English Tea Room, the stylish Grosvenor Hotel and the famous Gold Hill depicted in this Hovis advert from 1973.

This place couldn’t be more charming if it tried.

I could tell you so much more about what we learnt and the tasks we were set but I won’t. You will have to go and see for yourself. All you need to know is that we were all so well looked after, made to feel so welcome and encouraged throughout the day and both Marie, Zoe and Marie’s assistant Ariana were incredibly friendly, engaging, accessible and the workshop left me feeling charmed and inspired.

Here are some of my favourite photos from the day.

Working with lightEnglishIMG_9611Lines and reflectionsIMG_9477IMG_9518Gold HillIMG_9540IMG_9533IMG_9783