It’s All In The Details


This sole image was the inspiration behind the colour scheme I wanted for my contact cards and logo design. Ahem, the colour scheme was the only thing I was sure of but, being the true talent that she is, Belinda Love Lee just ‘got me’, what I wanted and I could not be happier.

For anyone wondering whether to invest in a designer or illustrator, I’ll just say this. Every single person I have given a card to has hovered over it, run their fingers over the cotton paper and letterpress and commented on how lovely they are. More than just a card with some details on, I really can’t recommend her highly enough.


In case you need to see a little more, these three ladies that I adore have also had the Belinda Love Lee treatment Rincy, CiaraNathalie and the results are gorgeous!

Seeing as though I’m a little obsessed at the moment, and in keeping with my favourite colour scheme, here’s a shot from a recent shoot with Holly and Anouschka, it’s a P E A C H!

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Image credits: Tumblr | Belinda Love Lee | Anouscka Rokebrand