Dutch Apple Pie and Props

On a recent trip to Amsterdam I acquired a few little knick-knacks as I like to call them. Essentials for my prop collection that is mysteriously multiplying in my apartment. A friend had recommended this little place on the corner of Noordermarkt to get the best Dutch apple pie in town, so we thought we’d fuel up before some shopping. On his advice we headed to Winkel early to avoid the queue. The recipe is secret and only ever known by two people at one time so we were expecting good things. Although I love apples, apple desserts wouldn’t be my first choice from a menu but this was quite something…IMG_0410A cross between a pie and a cake, the crust was crunchy, brown sugary, not laden with cinnamon and not a soggy apple in sight, make sure you go try if you’re ever in Amsterdam!

One of the loveliest things about Amsterdam is that it hasn’t been overrun by chain stores and samey high street facades unlike the ones we see here. Those places do exist in Amsterdam too, but for the most part the original buildings have been lovingly restored and transformed into unique, independent stores and coffee shops. These cute little independents are able to thrive because everyone cycles. You can stop off at the florist and pick up a bunch of tulips, grab coffee with a friend before heading to the fishmonger and then to the grocery store for dinner. No need to worry about parking, just pull up right outside and fill up your basket. On Saturdays the heart of city shopping in Amsterdam are the many markets that surround its core.

Noordermarkt is one of the best farmers markets I have ever been to, all organic, sustainably produced products, not only a feast for the eyes, you could literally do your entire weekly shop there.IMG_0394IMG_0414IMG_0415IMG_0416IMG_0418Once you’ve oohed and ahhed over the colours of the fruits and veg and finished sampling the many breads, cheeses, meats, cakes and juices on offer, you might just have enough stamina to check out the glorious flea market by its side. A true treasure trove of goodies, I could have spent the entire day there but tourist duties prevailed, we had bitterballen to eat and beer to drink. Here’s what I brought home with me.IMG_0903I think I spent about €35 on the lot and I’ve used most of them already in shoots, totally worth it, absolute bargain!

Here’s a grainy selfie of us having fun in the Dam!IMG_0458