First Post

Yesterday I went for my first run of 2014. Like I knew, and like everyone had told me, the first one is the hardest, and it was. Physically getting out of the house was the hardest part for me. Some mild persuasion from my boyfriend (who am I kidding), and some encouraging texts from friends, I managed to get my arse off the sofa and into some leggings. Once I was out, I was fine. Stairs proved tricky today, and just walking in general, but at least I went #winning.

Like my first run, I’ve thought about writing this first post for almost a year now. I did actually attempt it once or twice. I have a couple of semi-complete tales saved somewhere on my laptop, but I’ve never got as far as this. I think I always knew I wouldn’t post those. I don’t think I was ready to. So here goes, hardest part over with.